A Yucky Cancer

Oral cancer that is due to tobacco chewing is devastating, ugly, and can be completely prevented by WHAT? By not chewing tobacco. Some sobering statistics: 50% of Arizona’s oral cancer cases are from Maricopa County and 43% of these persons will die from it within 5 years. Nearly 1 in 5 male high school students are chewing, thinking it is safer than smoking when in fact smokeless tobacco contains higher levels of killer nicotine than found in cigarettes; in fact, 28 cancer causing agents are known to be found in smokeless tobacco. Every day in the US approximately 100 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer due to chewing tobacco. When detected early, the survival rate is up to 80-90%. Do you chew or know someone who does? Participate in a free oral cancer screening on 9/18/10 at Tempe Kiwanis Park and get info on successful quitting.