And they said it Couldn’t be Done…

If you tell me something I want to do isn’t possible, it’s likely I’ll work even harder to make it happen.  And so 10 years ago, with just my stubborn dream and a handful of loyal patients, I hung out my proverbial shingle and launched New Paths to Healthcare.

A decade and nearly 400 patients later, I’m still proving the naysayers wrong.  I dedicated my life to patient centered care long before it became fashionable.  As a Nurse Practitioner in private practice, I’ve had to overcome my share of obstacles.  While certified to prevent, assess, diagnose, medicate and treat a range of health care issues, Nurse Practitioners still work hard to educate the public about the benefits of choosing us as Providers.  But I persevered; and today am so proud to offer superior medical care, with a nurse’s touch to so many in my community.

So today I’m offering a virtual “Cheers!” to your good health, and to our continued partnership!  Thank you!