And they said it Couldn’t be Done…

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If you tell me something I want to do isn’t possible, it’s likely I’ll work even harder to make it happen.  And so 10 years ago, with just my stubborn dream and a handful of loyal patients, I hung out my proverbial shingle and launched New Paths to Healthcare. A decade and nearly 400 patients later, I’m still proving the naysayers wrong.  I dedicated my life to patient centered care long before it became fashionable.  As a Nurse Practitioner in private practice, I’ve had to overcome my share of obstacles.  While...

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It’s National Nurse Practitioner Week!

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It’s National Nurse Practitioner Week! Warmest of greetings to you!  I must say, recognition is nice, but I love this week because it is a time to celebrate the contributions all NP’s make to the healthcare field. And most importantly, in the lives of our patients. In the Ahwatukee & Chandler area alone, there are 37  NP’s ready to assess and treat your needs. I encourage you to check out your choices outlined in the ad by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) in this week’s AFN.  It is an honor for my name to appear...

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Chronic Lung Disease

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During the past 4 weeks how much of the time did you feel short of breath?  Do you ever cough up any mucus or phlegm?  Do you do less than you used to because of breathing problems?  Have you smoked at least 100 cigarettes in your lifetime?  If you’ve answered yest to one or more of these questions you are at risk for Chronic Obstructive Lung (or Pulmonary) Disease, often known as COPD.  It may be time to discuss this with your Nurse Practitioner or other healthcare provider.

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Nurse Practitioners in Primary Care

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Here is a great segment on NPR the other day regarding Nurse Practitioners in Primary Care, especially in the environment of ObamaCare: >

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A Yucky Cancer

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Oral cancer that is due to tobacco chewing is devastating, ugly, and can be completely prevented by WHAT? By not chewing tobacco. Some sobering statistics: 50% of Arizona’s oral cancer cases are from Maricopa County and 43% of these persons will die from it within 5 years. Nearly 1 in 5 male high school students are chewing, thinking it is safer than smoking when in fact smokeless tobacco contains higher levels of killer nicotine than found in cigarettes; in fact, 28 cancer causing agents are known to be found in smokeless tobacco....

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A Star is Born?

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Check out the new video and tell me what you...

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It’s a Frigid Blast!

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Today I experienced an episode of sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.  And boy did it hurt.  You know, when you slurp down that frozen drink to slake your thirst and before you know it the pain in the roof of your mouth drops you to your knees.  The tears flow and you cry for mercy and you swear you’ll never buy another Frozen Slurpee again.  Then it starts to ease up, slowly.  Ever so slowly.  Do you dare take another sip?  You have to try.  You’re so thirsty, it is so hot outside, you have to cool off somehow.  You try it.  Slowly,...

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And the Winner is?

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This is the last post on protein bars and looks like I’ve saved the best for last.  BALANCE GOLD Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch and Caramel Nut Blast.  I have to say they were as close to delicious as any protein bars could come.  In fact, the Caramel Nut Blast reminded me so much of a Baby Ruth candy bar that I entertained the idea of treating myself to one every day.  Not.  They’re still on the high side in terms of fat and carbohydrates, although fairly decent in protein content:  14 gram and 15 gram respectively.  The Chocolate...

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More Protein, Protein, Everywhere!

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Now for three more protein bars that I put to my own unscientific taste test:  SOYJOY Berry flavor, CLIFF BAR White Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavor and LUNA White Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavor.  We can dispense with the first one right off the bat:  SOYJOY was as dry, arid and barren as the desert we live in.  It did have a hint of berry flavor within its nothingness.  It was a big YUK that I even get interested in its nutritive elements.  As for the other two, I thought it would be fun comparing them as they boasted the same flavor...

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Protein, protein, everywhere!

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I was standing in a grocery aisle trying to decide which protein bar I would  like, which one would be nutritious, and which if I was lucky enough to pick the right one would be both nutritious and delicious.  So I decided to do a survey.  I bought one of each and what will follow in the next few weeks will be my personal, subjective and unscientific assessment of taste and nutritive value. I’ll start with two selections of POWERBAR:  ProteinPlus (Cinnamon Roll flavor) and PerformanceEnergy (Vanilla Crisp flavor).  They both tasted the...

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