It’s a Frigid Blast!

Today I experienced an episode of sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.  And boy did it hurt.  You know, when you slurp down that frozen drink to slake your thirst and before you know it the pain in the roof of your mouth drops you to your knees.  The tears flow and you cry for mercy and you swear you’ll never buy another Frozen Slurpee again.  Then it starts to ease up, slowly.  Ever so slowly.  Do you dare take another sip?  You have to try.  You’re so thirsty, it is so hot outside, you have to cool off somehow.  You try it.  Slowly, sipping, gingerly.  You wont let it happen.  BUT IT DOES !!!!! THE PAIN!!!!OWWEEEEE!!!!!After a couple more sips it finally doesn’t pain any more.  Ahhhh. Nothing better than a Frozen Slurpee on a hot summer’s day.