When a family member of mine switched their care over to Agnes and gave rave reviews of her practice, my son and I decided to switch as well. I am glad we did! Agnes provides the thoroughness, care, time and attention that patients deserve from their healthcare practitioners, but will rarely ever find elsewhere. Thank you Aggie! — Patient K.D.

Agnes has been wonderful to us through the many years of being our primary care provider. She answers calls herself and sets appointments according to how urgent we feel we need to see her. She has found ways to help us resolve every problem we have faced in the medical system. She encourages and teaches us to promote our health and well being. We recommend her to anyone that needs a caring and knowledgeable primary care provider. — The J.H. Family



I find Agnes to be incredibly helpful and professional with my health and medical needs. She is personable and takes the time to listen to me and she provides sensible and excellent care and there is no waiting ever to see her. I highly and enthusiastically recommend her services. — Patient R.E.