Protein, protein, everywhere!

I was standing in a grocery aisle trying to decide which protein bar I would  like, which one would be nutritious, and which if I was lucky enough to pick the right one would be both nutritious and delicious.  So I decided to do a survey.  I bought one of each and what will follow in the next few weeks will be my personal, subjective and unscientific assessment of taste and nutritive value.

I’ll start with two selections of POWERBAR:  ProteinPlus (Cinnamon Roll flavor) and PerformanceEnergy (Vanilla Crisp flavor).  They both tasted the same with ProteinPlus definitely having a hint of cinnamon.  They were both chewy but Performance Energy came closer to reminding me of taffee candy and it also was a bit granular or sandy in it’s texture.  After a while the taste and texture grew on me and I’d give it a score of 8/10 for taste.  ProteinPlus had an extra layer of vanilla icing which helped in it’s taste and texture but overall I’d score it 7/10.

As for nutritive value, ProteinPlus has to get a score of 9/10 since it has 23 grams protein compared to only 8 grams in PerformanceEnergy.  And since the latter has more Carbs than ProteinPlus (45 grams to 38 grams) I’d have to downgrade it’s nutritive value to 4/10.  But then, if you are mostly interested in fat content PerformanceEnergy is your bar as it has 14% of it’s calories from fat compared to 16% for ProteinPlus.

Stay tuned for more taste tests!